Have you or someone you know who been arrested or targeted by the police or ICE? Call us at 984-377-2622!

Trainings and Workshops

Secure Your Own Community (SYOC) Trainings customized for undocumented families and communities

SYOC Workshops customized for allies of undocumented immigrants and refugees and for professionals who provide services to undocumented immigrants and refugees (for example, schools and clinics)

SYOC Workshops customized for clergy and churches

Know Your Rights

We believe knowing our rights as immigrants facing the threat of deportation every day is not enough. The only way to secure our own communities and protect each other is to establish plans of rapid response to stand up to the detention and deportation of our community members. We can help you begin this process through a Secure Your Own Community training or workshop. Contact us!

Rapid Response Deportation Defense

We support families and individuals affected by detention and deportation in frontline advocacy with elected officials and members of the community who can intervene on their behalf

We uplift public advocacy through social media and traditional media exposure

Court / ICE Check-In Accompaniment

Explanation: It has been proven that when immigrants are accompanied by a group to immigration court or to ICE check-ins, they are more likely to experience a positive outcome. The truth is, we protect each other and accompaniment is a great way to volunteer and protect families from the threat of separation due to detention and deportation. Sign up to volunteer in this capacity here English Form or Spanish Form.