Ricardo Garcia-Lopez is an immigrant from Mexico who was placed in deportation proceedings last year.   Ricardo has lived in Cary, NC since he first came to the US with his family.

On October 4th, during his immigration hearing in Charlotte, the judge gave him one option: Accept voluntary departure. Ricardo has a $2,500 immigration bond that MUST be paid in full by Thursday, October 11, 2018 or he can expect to be immediately deported. If he pays his bond, he may continue to appeal and fight his case before his scheduled December departure.

Ricardo has been the sole provider and parent to 10-year-old Ashley after her biological parents abandoned her at birth. He is currently in the adoption process to adopt Ashley. He is also the caregiver to his disabled mother, a polio and breast cancer survivor. As a gay man, Ricardo’s life is in danger if he is deported to Mexico.

It is imperative we raise enough money to pay Ricardo’s immigration bond. Ashley needs her father, a life without him is one she cannot imagine. Please consider a donation to help Ricardo keep his family together.

If you want to raise funds, advocate for, travel with, or otherwise support Ricardo’s family – enter your contact information to the right and we will contact you.