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DISCLAIMER: We want to establish that we are not attorneys. The content of this website is not legal advice​ and should not be construed as such​. All statements, videos, and pictures are based on our experiences throughout the years as community organizers.

I got picked up by the police or ICE. What should I do?

We recommend not lying to the authorities, as it could worsen your situation.

Local authorities should not ask you where you’re from, where you were born, or if you have papers. You can and should remain silent, given that anything you say can affect your case.

Do not sign anything without first reviewing it with your lawyer.

I have an ICE hold. Should I post bail? What should I do?

If you have an ICE hold, paying bond will speed up the ICE custody process and facilitate your transfer into an immigration detention center. We suggest in this case to find a criminal attorney who understands how the resolution of your criminal case will affect your immigration case. Otherwise, you run the risk of accepting convictions and pleas that can keep you from qualifying for immigration relief.

People with serious charges, including DWIs, DUIs, etc, should ensure their lawyer will work towards dismissing the charge(s). Not every plea deal will benefit your immigration case. ASK QUESTIONS!

While your criminal case is pending, it’s important to request ICE drop your ICE hold. This is possible and something we have achieved under the Trump administration.

Do the police and sheriff work with ICE?

Yes, police and sheriffs work with ICE. We often see that local authorities use checkpoints to arrest people who they believe are undocumented, to later turn them over to ICE. Moreover, we also have seen that people who are victims of a crime that call the police for help, for example, victims of domestic or sexual violence, end up arrested and turned over to ICE by local authorities.

Although only six counties at the moment (Cabarrus, Gaston, Henderson, Mecklenburg, Wake, and Nash) participate in the ICE program known as “287(g)”, 97 of the 100 counties in NC have received ICE hold requests and of the 51,279 requests received, only 46 are known to have been denied. This means that local authorities in the state of North Carolina have handed over tens of thousands of immigrants to ICE to be deported.

How do I stop a deportation?

Through collective action, organizing your family and community to demand the freedom of your loved ones. Contact us for more information. We can offer support

I don’t have a lawyer. What should I do?

Hire an attorney as soon as possible. Not just any attorney. Hire a good attorney. Although you have the right to represent yourself before a judge, it’s difficult to do so appropriately while detained without proper resources and information.

If you have to hire a criminal attorney, family attorney, or any other attorney, you have to make sure they are also aware of the consequences their legal advice will bear on your immigration case or they can do some serious damage to your immigration status.

Once you hire an attorney, always ask for copies of your file to be on top of exactly what your lawyer is doing and why. If your lawyer refuses to provide these documents, you are a victim of legal malpractice and can file complaints with state agencies and federal agencies, as well.

How do I make a petition?

Contact us for more information. We can offer support.

How do I fundraise?

Contact us for more information. We can offer support.

What support does Alerta Migratoria NC provide?

Check here

This is awful! How can I contact my elected officials to let them know these attacks on immigrants have to stop?

Sign our petitions [link to petition section of website]

Find your elected official (using your address and zipcode) and contact them via phone or email. They haven’t returned your calls? Keep calling and show up in person if you need to!

I have another question.

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