Darío and José Arroyo fled Michoacán, Mexico and sought refuge in the United States because of their family’s political beliefs. The Arroyo brothers were 13 and 14-years-old, respectively, when they made their harrowing journey to the United States. More than 20 years later, the Arroyo brothers have settled in the Triangle and are part of our community. They have loving wives and children. ICE threatens to take away their families’ dream for a better life and places these fathers’ lives in danger.

Darío, who still remembers cartels riding around his hometown and shooting bullets in the air with local police, now, works as an electrician to support his family. Three of his children require constant medical attention. His two oldest daughters, 12 and 14-years-old, play the flute and are taking their EOC exams this week.

José, like his brother, didn’t have the opportunity to complete high school. Instead, the Arroyo brothers worked hard to make ends meet. José’s five children, especially his oldest, have been greatly affected by the looming threat of losing their father. Working in landscaping for the past couple years, José has worked hard to provide for his family and children’s medical issues, including paying for treatments and medication to address vision loss and recurrent pneumonia.

The Arroyo brothers are the victims of legal malpractice. Sadly, the situation they face today is due to negligence on the part of those they trusted most: their immigration attorneys.

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