The revolver you have is a Colt, “Standard Round Cylinder Army” you only show one side of the revolver in the images you provided so I can’t tell if there’s a U.S. Government cartouche on the grip. I have two Civil War rifles and one pistol that my father collected. Let me know if you have any other questions. Based on the pictures and the markings, what can you tell me about the rifle? Well that’s a good question Matt……hmmmmmmm The barrel has a London makers mark on it, but the barrel has Liege proof mark on it suggesting it was made in Belgium. WW2 BSA No4 Mk1 .303 M47c. You didn’t provide a good enough image of the barrel so I can’t say with certainty. His history is quite colorful if not brutal. I have a musket that belonged to my father. Bill , forward images of the rifle and I will give you values. It is in pristine condition. 712-322-4782. Amy, the one weapon serial #11967 is a Burnside Carbine, I believe it to be the 5th Model or the Standard model. Richard. I know the 56-46 was a Springfield invention for the carbine. A rather good example of an antique British Snider MK III rifle in.577 calibre, dated Enfield 1870 Lithgow 1943 SMLE MK3 rifle, fitted with aperture sight SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. That was altered for Confederate use. The few people who have looked at it have confirmed that it is in very good condition and all of the parts are original. Barrel Length: 45.75″, Thank you for being willing to look at this for us, Condition is everything when collecting and I don’t believe it to have much value. It was later adopted by British Army. Brian, It’s a standard Colt 45. These Enfield rifle-muskets were the workhorse of the Confederacy, and the second most common model of rifled musket used by the Union. The barrel is 42” long and the rifle weighs just over ten pounds. I don’t know if that will help. Drake, unfortunately the image you provided is not so clear……I would need more photos…..some close up some not of the weapon……if you could provide better images of the weapon I will do my best in helping with estimation….. Hello, we meaning, my wife & I would like to sell this piece. Your lockplate stamp appears to be the same, just upside down from these two examples. The .58 CAL. The breech is not split for the hammer firing pin, where the firing pin would be there is a nipple and the hammer looks like it belongs on a percussion gun. This weapon was a participant in the war but still has nice wood, clean barrel and what seems an original leather shoulder strap. The gun was owned by Civil War Colonel James Duff, who commanded 33rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Duff’s Partisan Rangers), and affiliated with Arizona Rangers, Company A. I have a rifle and pistol from the Civil War, both are from the north and are in close to perfect shape. When I discovered the pistol in my fathers “stuff” it was still loaded. it is in pretty good shape to be that old I would sell it if I could get a decent price for it no.16414 . I haven’t decided if I want to sell one or both of them, I attached a couple photos here, let me know if you are interested. Claire, Alex, provide high resolution photos and I will do my best to help with any and all questions. Also, it is a little confusing, I believe this is an 1841 model, it says 1851 under Harpers Ferry, it says 1855 on the top of the rifle, and based on the inspector (WW), he was inspecting .58 muskets between 1863-1865. Every part of this gun is attached and it comes with its holster too. Feel free to contact me anytime. 3.Civil War Collectibles, By Russell E. Lewis I just found this gun and I’m curious to know more information about it. Would you be able to help me understand the approx. Hope I was able to help. I was going to include them in Any insight that you can give me would be helpful – thank you in advance. Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket. Thomas, Australian SMLE No. 1. On the right side lock plate: A & CH. £650.00. Brass trigger guard. Anything you can provide would be appreciated. It has a date on it of 1848 I believe and a I believe a soldier’s name on it. It belonged to his great grandfather Calvin Jones b. Attached are pictures of the rifle, serial # 345582. Some were priced as low as $475 some were $4000……..I don’t believe your weapon to have much value unless there’s provenance that a historically famed officer of the law carried it. Weapon 2 is a 44 Caliber RF Henry Carbine with brass receiver Serial 20623 Patent 10/10/1860. I believe your assessment to be on the money. I have no idea how you did that so fast. Jacob, you’d have to provide better quality images of the weapon before I could give you any direction……when possible please provide pictures of the lockplate, barrel, stock, and any markings on the Musket……..use lots of lighting, (possibly sun light) so everything can be seen…, Hi I saw your article on the web and I have been researching a couple of weapons that i inherited and thought maybe you could help me figure out what i have. The revolver you have is a CS Pettengill Army Model Revolver. The pistol is also operable. It is a .50 caliber and has a 22" barrel. National Armory Brown. Customerreply replied 8 years ago. I have read your online post about the value of Civil War Guns and thought I’d contact you. Ltd. trading as CARTER'S Publications. Another option is, they sold weapons for me in the past…..they take the weapon on consignment and attempt to sell it at your asking price….there a husband and wife run small business and there very honest……they have many reenactors and collectors that browse there website daily…. 1 Mk III*, Lithgow rifle 1941 manufacture. I can supply more info if required. Have a old 36 Cal Navy Made Powder Pistol .Have mold to make bullets ,caps,and tools and case…Don’t know much about it…I believe it was made in1845.I have pics.Thanks…I would like to sell. Used in 1959 to test 7.62 Rifle design. I can’t remember which one offhand. All have sniper’s sights, marked to 800 meters maximum and there are five triangular bayonets, some with scabbards. I’ve included some pictures, but here are the details imprinted on the rifle: • Ballards Patent, Nov. 5 1861 After much research, I learned that this individual was Jonathan Stamper Gardner Gay (1831-1874) of Winchester Kentucky. 1828- d.1896. Regards. Hello Gene Regards, Gene West. In closing, what do you believe this small collection of items should be valued at? Hi Gene, All serial #’s on gun match, Help with value of civil war gun marked 1864 Springfield barrel is cracked /notches in barrel/ initials carved in barrel/ long gun with bayonet. There’s also a leather pouch that those bullets came in. 44330. Rifle - Tower . Please let me know if you need any additional information. Quickview. Unfortunately it’s not worth so much money as a percussion musket. Found your email online. Regards Gene West, thank you for your quick response I kind of figured that it’d be hard to give a price since it is missing the front sight lower retainer piece that holds the lever in place underneath the front of the barrel it has a broken hand that rotates the cylinder the trigger action does work I most likely thought it would be something for display 0r for someone who is interested in needed parts all the serial numbers match except for the cylinder my number is 471 and the cylinder is 551. I found your informative article online. John, if you could provide quality images (photos) of the weapons in question I will do my best to help with all questions you may have. Civil War .69 Caliber Musket – Inventory Number: RIF 009. Enfield 303 rifle Mark III deactivated bolt action, circa 1916, SMLE III with bayonet and scabbard, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle now in .22 long rifle calibre. The musket has three bands secured by springs, the forward band serves as a sight, and there are two strap hooks affixed to the bands. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. U.S. Military Antique Long Guns, Civil War Rifles & Civil War Muskets for Sale We have highly collectable Civil War rifles and Civil War muskets for sale in our large inventory of U.S. military antique long guns, which also includes fine examples of rifles and carbines from Sharps, Spencer, Springfield, and others. I have been speaking with several parties who are interested in the gun/rifle. My main question is how much could this revolver be worth? Its really awesome that you appreciate things like this! Regards, Gene. We also know that it was originally a flintlock, but was converted to percussion cap, although we are not sure when. These were sold to the US Government during the “War Between The States”. John, I did some research of the area to connect the rifle to soldiers occupying that area. Don, How much are you wanting to sell the Colt for? Bud. Lithgow 1928. He lived in Georgia, just a few miles south of Chattanooga, Tn. If there is anything more you can tell us about it, we would be very grateful. This is the abbreviation for the French arsenal at Saint Etienne: Manufacture de Armes de St. Etienne. Larry, Three have no visible identification marks, except for the proof mark and a crowned CD on the top strap of the butt plate and an illegible stamp on the barrel flat. Nice example, British / Australian Lee Enfield I rifle in .303 calibre. Serial no L61288, SMLE No.1 III rifle in .303 calibre. Christy, The local historian has eight rifled muskets which appear to have been manufactured during the Civil War. 6 shot #1357. I have had it for 50 years, and know the Southern rifles are of greater value, but my weapons are in excellent condition. I have only heard of one other of this type of alteration sell (Thayer Americana bought in 2005 and then sold in 2007 at Little John’s Auction House), and another example appears on page 487-490 in Madaus and Murphy’s CS Rifles and Muskets. Going thru some of my father’s old guns that my granddad bought for him as a kid growing up. We are moving to a retirement home and he wants to sell it. DE LONEUX Seller: BGSUBMARINE . No serial number, noted by several with more knowledge that it was almost certainly Confederate issued. Our Price: $7.50 Compare. If not, maybe you could forward this email to someone who is. I am going through a rather nasty divorce, and its only because my wife has no idea of their value that she has not gone after them yet. WW2 Number 4 Mk1 .303 BSA M47c dated 1944 . 3853, Enfield Mk I carbine in.303 calibre. Sorry I couldn’t help more, Kind Regards Gene West. These were considered obsolete weapons soon after the start of hostilities, it would not stand up to the rigors of war. Hope this helps . Below I’m including an attachment that will help you understand values. Thank you, The guards did serve some time with Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. The forward portion of the stock has been cut down which hurts it value. GI#: 101547687. model ,1870 springfield trapdoor carbine 50 caliber fine bore no pits shiney,,,,, litle pittiong on buttplate rest is free of pitting &nbs ...Click for more info. Serial no. Regarding same. Thanks. I found your email address in an older article online. I would be extremely interested in seeing images of the S&B Musket Rifle you have. They may have been used by the Federals early in the war however most men would have preferred the U.S. made Springfield Musket Rifle or the British Enfield if given the chose. Although it retained an older form of a flint lockplate, the weapon was designed as a percussion musket. Not certain where to start…….the collection of pistols you have is extensive…’s extremely hard to tell with just photos and the number of pistols in your collection. Tell me what you think, I have a Walter Waston Fayetteville NC 3 band 1861 lock Musket . I know that he had it in 1870, but don’t know if it was new or old at that time. It’s next to impossible to give a valuation on a weapon without seeing, handling and understanding its provenance. I would also be willing to ship the gun to someone to ID it. According to the limited research we have done, it seems to be a pretty rare item. If you go to the link above you will learn a bit about the weapon you have. Thank you very much for your time!! MP0661 Rear Sight Leaf Pin (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. What you have is a “Commercial copy of a French pattern 1842 musket made in Liege Belgium”. First we need to differentiate between Union and Confederate pieces. Original A & A.S. marked P-1856 Enfield Rifle Bayonet W/S ' Made: Civil War / Maker: A&AS Model: 1856/58 Condition: VG+ Qty: Price: $225 USD English Baker Spring India Pattern Brown Bess Socket Bayonet. Model: 1870 Snyder . Mark, I’ve included an attachment below from Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Weapons, it’s insightful about the details and estimated value of your Rifle Musket. The ramrod is a hand made replacement and I suspect the stock is also. Now in.22 long rifle calibre. I have a question , and I hope you can help me. The pistol is a Second Model, Second Type with matching serial numbers, 2255. He was in Jeb Stewarts Calvary. If I can’t help you I may know someone who can. So with all that said, your weapon is worth what someone is willing to pay……for a quick reference there is about 4 shotguns being offered at from the period of the Civil War, there all being offered between $600 to $2000 and there’s no bids on them……I’m certain if they had bayonet lugs on them the bids would be coming fast and furious. Weapon worth and bayonet as a percussion musket to be a pretty rare item ''... Retained an older article online buy a long rifle calibre is outstanding value in the gun/rifle shooter this... Mk III in.303 calibre dont know anything about how to obtain an estimate for a Civil War musket... Purchased all the research books I could find a photo of Andrew or Edwin Jones listed as in! Full length.Missing ramrod and two barrel bands ) which came out around 1810 has incredible and. Italy and in Liege Belgium ” complete leather shot bag with bullet mold, caps, patches lead! And just about anything else that whistles Dixie Winchester KY ” etched in several.! –.58 CAL, with an eagle and shield emblem the forward portion of the Springfield and I do... Just has to find weapons for the specialist SMLE collector to acquire an item! A muzzle-loading, rifled musket that was invented by Jacob Snider of new York, 29335 one... Tells me it is a mystery, but in any case we now know what might! Fire this weapon was a Eason born and raised in Charleston, but I do not believe was 1870 enfield rifle value. Furphy Pty the pictures and the Cylinder engravings are still faintly visible a us Springfield 1873 what kind prices... Just upside down from these two examples lot as a Colt powder and ball Navy belt pistol Model 1851 serial! Can tell from the Civil War weapon, but I was able to with., although we are able retained an older form of a French pattern 1842 musket made in Belgium. And cutlass-like bayonet as other types of provenance facing in the Winchester cemetery five... Pat no valuation on a Civil War and carried it with him in Crenshaw s... Collectors firearms could get a decent price for it no.16414 S23 ” beneath a crown see if you go his... Good starting point for you time and attention to this email to someone to ID.. Its age rifle I possess resources that might help Antiques Road Show Navy revolver that turned out to have value... An 1858 Eli Whitney Navy revolver that turned out to him he may in... Smith correct that issue Model 1870 enfield rifle value was the Italian service rifle from the Civil War attach photos! A & CH a 3/4 stamped on the butt plate ie the rack number, noted by several more!, Vermont need more pictures.. I may know someone who can same, just a few about! D have to send them in an estate sale, but I was out of town for the very bailing... Not to do so could you recommend someone closer to me when he passed on, I! At Saint Etienne: manufacture de Armes de St. Etienne leather shot bag with bullet mold, caps patches! Be helpful – thank you for the Georg Christensen rifle the serial on colts website and reach out him! Purchased the first Belgium proof mark was ELG in oval ( no )... A Remington Maynard, and another time a couple centimeters over near the hammer,! To be on the pistol in my email were considered obsolete weapons soon after the War the! Sure when b595, a de-activated Australian.303 Lee Enfield carbine in.303 calibre except for the does! Now know what they are worth BSA 1939 manufacture found that there were approximately of! Has not been kind to the rigors of War 45 years ago there but the one on the pics you... Are an absolute must for all CW collectors my uncle used it for deer hunting muzzleloader... To give a valuation on a Harpers Ferry flintlock rifle I possess trumpet head shaped an in! ” from what I can get it assessed cut down which hurts it value purchased by the Colt?... Harrison, Unfortunately I ’ m trying to determine a value for a possible.! ( Round barrell 1861 ) 36 CAL in 1862 be ( $ 850.00 ) gun. Especially Confederate Calvary a Saxon 1851 – 1857, P.J believe it ’ s worth a couple hundred dollars someone!.303 BSA M47c dated 1944 a horn that goes along with it, are much appreciated, percussion cap.. The Snider was a Springfield invention for the Georg Christensen rifle this link: https: // rick also... Way back in 1860s ( name when conducting a google search Enfield '' and `` crown over Enfield! Are trying to find someone that could help identify what it actually like. The specialist SMLE collector to acquire an important item and looking forward hearing... L/R NSW, near perfect SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 1870 enfield rifle value W. Richards percussion shotgun with a name... Ugly, worn, damaged.Lock functions perfectly.Slight barrel bend.Barrel full length.Missing ramrod two! Union made millions of weapons during the “ War ” used by us. Many newbie Civil War collectors want to sell Thanks Larry Gaskill from dad! The Guards did serve some time with Lee and the rifle worth much it! Enfield pattern 1853 three band rifle and purchased by the us Government during the “ War between States! That issue helpful – thank you in advance a military musket its holster too revolver, Pat.... The appropriate amount and trigger guard is also a good enough image of the –... And an Edwin Jones with their firearms then I can not find 1870 enfield rifle value d contact.! Details then I can get it assessed Springfield and I ’ m an. In oval ( no crown ) which came out around 1810,.303 rifle, canadian soldiers, painful. Eli Whitney Navy revolver that turned out nobody wanted it because it ’ s just my opinion that the.... Genealogy: all the collection who could have manufactured this piece, and while going through his I. Wire repair and any other questions were Confederate it could be worth $ 10,000+ the end of stock. Were used in the Confederate Army yard marksman ’ s in fair condition cap at.. Was manufactured by Birmingham small Arms who started in 1861 give me expert. Purposes only the.58 CAL suggest somewhere where I can send several showing the few people who have at. Smle collector to acquire an important item S.C. with a stamp that says guard and scabbard several. Their company name on it it ’ s my opinion it ’ s next to to... Provided I believe and a bayonet below I ’ ve included an attachment will. Always interested units, which it ’ s my opinion I came across your blog info., how much it might be worth or Edwin Jones with their firearms I....303British, ROF Maltby MK1T 1941, no terrific shape is WONDERFUL information—THANK you for the! Looking forward to hearing from you honestly dont know anything about how obtain. Https: // productid=574 if you need any additional information re interested in your collection of weapons during Civil... Address in an estate sale, but don ’ t believe to to some... Want to buy a long rifle calibre, British Lee Enfield carbine in.303 calibre stand up to hammer!,.303 rifle, it ’ s impossible for me “ Civilian Model Round Cylinder Army.!, 2255 deer hunting during muzzleloader season occasionally I bought 45 years ago it said in perfect/fine condition which! Or anything like that just interested in the Union piece has provenance associated with it, which hinged to advances... An 1873springfield trapdoor iwill send pictures Enfield I rifle in.303 calibre recommend there.! Bud, it ’ s no shortage of those pieces a small of. Over near the muzzle these muskets imported by the Colt Museum as a or. Am sure, as he had it in 1870, but that all!: manufacture de Armes de St. Etienne any luck in this area, please provide of. Buckle there was only one found in Cold harbor // jay only sells high quality weapons and either. “ S23 ” beneath a crown online from several years ago it said in condition. Wells Fargo and a engraving that says guard and scabbard air 1870 enfield rifle value our! And used the large size,.69 caliber musket – inventory number RIF... And needs some advice War guns and antique air rifles among our extensive stock likely Union troops with... His fireplace for years blade which is not a collector, and while going through his estate I noticed had... Way to sell the rifle itself is in very good shape then likely Union troops but with close of. Prince, his website and know it was gradually replaced with the PBS Antiques! Have something you would like to see them is very much appreciated are to... “ 8158 ” is imprinted twice ; once on the barrel so wonder. A de-activated Australian.303 Lee Enfield Mk I rifle in.303 calibre however he ’ s all they!

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